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Taisen Hidasuki Daruma Kyusu

Taisen Hidasuki Daruma Kyusu

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Banko-yaki (Banko ware) has a roughly 300 years old history. The first Banko pots date back to the Genbun era (1736-1740, Edo period), when a merchant called Nunami Rozan got captivated by the Way of Tea, built a kiln in the town of Asahi, Mie prefecture, and started making his own pottery. What once started as a hobby of a merchant turned to be a world-renowned earthenware, recognized as "Traditional Craft" by the Ministry of Economy in Japan. Today, there are more than 100 Banko-yaki kilns centering around the cities of Yokkaichi and Komono in Mie Prefecture.

The teapot is made of red Banko clay, which reacts with the tannic acid in the tea, smoothing away the bitterness. Before the final firing, the teapot is wrapped in rice straws, and as the straws burn, they react with the iron in the clay resulting in unique scarlet patterns on the surface, best known as Hidasuki pattern.

This yokode kyusu is made with great precision, ensuring a beautiful flow without dribbling. Perfect for Japanese green teas.

Place of Origin: Yokkaichi, Japan
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