We're nearly 18-months into our Northeast Tea House journey and remain amazed and grateful at the support we're receiving from the community around us.  One of the many lessons we've learned along the way is that our decision to import an authentic granite matcha mill from Japan and source the highest quality tencha, so we can offer our customers the freshest matcha available anywhere, has contributed enormously to our progress. Looking ahead, we are excited to bring our wonderful matcha to a national audience. 

With that in mind we've taken two big steps!

First - we're launching a new brand called River & Stone Tea as a sister-brand to Northeast Tea House. Same matcha, same mills and same care and attention to freshness and quality.  However, we believe that this new brand better represents the spirit of our matcha while reducing geographic confusion!

Second - we've imported a 2nd matcha mill!  Actually, the new mill is a double mill, which means we're tripling our milling capacity!  The new mill will operate in a dedicated milling room, nearby to Northeast Tea House. The expanded milling capacity will not only make it easier for us to keep up with existing demand, but will enable us to pursue special relationships, like the recent collaboration with Sociable Cider Werks on their amazing Matcha Hard Cider!

Why the name River & Stone?  Our tea house is just a stone's throw from the Mississippi River, which used to power the nearby Pillsbury and Gold Medal flour mills. So in a way, we feel like we're keeping an old Minneapolis tradition alive.  We're also paying a bit of homage to the hand-carved granite mill stones that make our matcha mills so special ...

So keep an eye out for more news about River & Stone Tea and feel free to send any suggestions or questions our way.  You can always reach me at simon@northeasteahouse.com ... or just stop by the Tea House!

All the best,

Simon and the NTH Team