Why Choose Northeast Tea House?

An Intimate and Tranquil Setting

The space at Northeast Tea House was designed to create a beautiful sense of calm and tranquility. Whether for a bridal shower, a birthday celebration, a book club gathering or any other celebration, a Northeast Tea House  gathering promises a unique and memorable experience.

A Tea Experience You Will Remember Forever

Explore the breadth and depth of Asian teas prepared in a manner used for centuries to fully appreciate the flavors, aromas and sensations created by our curated collection of tea.  Enjoy our gongfu tea service on your own, or arrange for a "guided tour" by one of our tea experts.

Flexible Setup and Seating

Comfortably seat up to 30 people with the tea room's 2 and 4-person standard table tops and our unique, low "community table" that seats up to 10 people on comfortable meditation cushions.

Fully Private or Semi-Private

The Tea House is available outside of our normal business hours and even offers some availability during standard hours, depending on the particular event, date and needs. Have a smaller group that doesn't need as much privacy? Our space is flexible enough so that you don't have to reserve the entire tea house. Please contact us to discuss specific options and pricing.

Flexible Audio

Use your own or our Spotify account and Sonos speakers to create a soundscape that matches the mood you want to create.


To learn more, please reach out to