Hi. I'm Simon Parish, the founder of Northeast Tea House. I've never been much of a conformist and after finishing college knew I had to carve out a career that would speak to me personally. Also, I feel a strong desire to contribute to my community and do my part to spread joy and well-being to others. Nurturing my own well-being during my college years in NYC involved daily meditation and working at a Brooklyn tea house, where I supplemented my formal studies of history and world religions with a deep dive into the styles, traditions, chemistry and benefits of tea. Those experiences have led me to Northeast Tea House.

My dream is to establish Northeast Tea House as a get-away from the distractions and anxieties of our modern world, while serving the best matcha and loose leaf teas possible. Designed as a calming, meditative space, NTH revolves around the remarkable ability of tea, when prepared and consumed in manners that are centuries old, to inhibit anxiety and reinforce a powerful sense of calm and mindfulness. In addition, our themes include friendship, conversation, thoughtfulness and a deep appreciation for tea's flavors and East Asian culture.

I really hope to see you there!


Founder and Head Tea Guy