• A gongfu tea set with two cups and a Yixing tea pot.

    Gongfu Tea Service

    Gongfu style brewing uses a higher leaf-to-water ratio and a series of short infusions, pausing with each infusion to appreciate how the tea has evolved.

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  • An enso made with our best matcha powder. The fineness of the particles allows this ceremonial grade matcha to be handled almost like paint.

    House-Milled Matcha

    We operate one of only a handful of authentic matcha mills in the country, producing fresh, ceremonial grade matcha that is incredibly smooth and creamy.

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  • A zen picture of floating flowers in water.


    Our shop provides a total sensory experience, with everything designed to create a relaxing atmosphere in which to unplug, relax, and enjoy our rotating menu of seasonal teas.

Annual Loose Leaf Green Tea Sales Event!

50% off on loose leaf Anji Bai Cha, Laoshan Green, Gyokuro and Sencha as we prepare for the arrival of the 2022 varieties! Use the discount code GreenTea50 at check-out to receive the discount.

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