• A gongfu tea set with two cups and a Yixing tea pot.

    Gongfu Tea Service

    Gongfu style brewing uses a higher leaf-to-water ratio and a series of short infusions, pausing with each infusion to appreciate how the tea has evolved.

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  • An enso made with our best matcha powder. The fineness of the particles allows this ceremonial grade matcha to be handled almost like paint.

    House-Milled Matcha

    We operate one of only a handful of authentic matcha mills in the country, producing fresh, ceremonial grade matcha that is incredibly smooth and creamy.

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  • A zen picture of floating flowers in water.


    Our shop provides a total sensory experience, with everything designed to create a relaxing atmosphere in which to unplug, relax, and enjoy our rotating menu of seasonal teas.


    Saturday, Dec 3 9am - 10:30am

    Dive deeply into the rich flavors and textures of our various matcha cultivars and blends and engage in a discussion about the "Natural Matcha" movement, led by Simon Parish. Tastings include Samidori, Asahi, Gokou, Kanayamidori, Sakimidori, and Mill City Blend AND ... be the among the first to enjoy our reintroduction of DIANCHA, also knows as "white matcha". Snacks included.

    Limited to 20 guests.