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  • Do You Long For Oolong? Lesson and Guided Tasting.

    Saturday, April 13, 9am - 10:30am

    Oolong is perhaps the broadest category of Chinese tea, with endless variations possible, such as oxidation level, roast level, terroir, cultivar, and more. Learn about the major regions and styles of oolong tea in this class and guided tasting. Will your favorite be fruity or floral?

    Tastings will include:

    Regional Variations

    • Anxi Oolong: Golden Water Turtle
    • Wuyi Oolong: Qilan Wuyi
    • Dancong Oolong: Snowflake Duck Shit

    Processing Variations

    • Dark Roast Tieguanyin (effects of roast)
    • 2005 Tieguanyin (effects of age)
    • GABA Oolong (effects of Nitrogen)
  • Gongfu Tea as a Meditative Practice

    Wednesday, May 1, 6pm - 8pm

    About the teacher:

    Grayden Snyder is a local Minnesotan who has been practicing Buddhism and meditation since the age of 14. He is a lay devotee of several Thai temples and has previously undergone full monastic ordination in the jungle mountains of Chiang Mai. To accompany his spiritual pursuits, he is also an avid practitioner of Chinese gongfu tea. Grayden's other passions include sailboat racing, cooking, and foreign languages and cultures.

    Join Grayden for a hands-on lesson on using tea as a vehicle for deepening meditation. You'll learn about Buddhist philosophy, the practice of brewing tea, and end the course with both a guided tea tasting and meditation session.

    Limited to 12 participants. Tea included.

  • Spring Japanese Tea Ceremony

    Sunday, May 5 , 5:30pm - 8:30pm

    Come celebrate Tango no Sekku ‘Boy’s Day’ on Kodomo no Hi ‘Children’s Day’ in a Japanese tea ceremony at Northeast Tea House by the U of M Tea Ceremony Study Group. Commentary and instruction by tea practitioner Polly Szatrowski (Professor of Japanese Language & Linguistics).


House Milled Matcha

Our amazing selection of single cultivar and blended matcha, milled in our Minneapolis shop using leaves (tencha) imported from Uji, Japan.