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Hojicha Matcha - 20g Tin

Hojicha Matcha - 20g Tin

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We asked the farmer of our Takamine Okumidori to roast some of the same batch into hojicha, and the results are incredible! Milled into a fine powder, our hojicha matcha is the perfect drink for cool weather, or feeling cozy in general, with notes of toast, charred sugar, caramel, and dark chocolate.

What's more, since it is made from roasted tencha, rather than basic hojicha, it produces an incredibly smooth powdered tea, without the grit or sharp edges one may encounter in a more typical milled hojicha made from standard green tea leaves. 

Finally, roasting is one of the few tea processing methods that effectively removes caffeine. Therefore, this is a lower caffeine option than typical matcha (although it certainly still has some caffeine). 

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