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Chaozhou Clay Cups *45ml Set Of 2

Chaozhou Clay Cups *45ml Set Of 2

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These are hand-made chaozhou red clay cups.  Perfect cups to accompany your Chaozhou teapot.  Clay might be a little rough, but with use the color will deepen and the flavors will sweeten!

Chaozhou Hong Ni (red clay) has more than 6000 years of history.  It became more popular in the Tang and Song dynasties as a clay of choice for cookware and kettles for boiling water.  

Feng Xi area near Chaozhou (in Guangdong) is where the clay is mined.  It's a mountainous area and the clay mined there is very fine and is easy to work when it's mixed with water. Typically the clay is worked on a wheel. Chaozhou Hong Ni after firing takes on a deep red-orange color and a natural sheen.  The finer the clay used the more sheen the pot has.  The clay has a very high level of iron oxide, it's very pliable and after firing contracts about 15%.  Firing temperatures used in the local kilns are close to 1000 celsius.

The clay has a metallic sound when tapped together.  The clay is highly porous but without allowing water to escape or soak in deeply.

Chaozhou Hong Ni is excellent for all teas, but a perfect choice for Dan Cong Oolongs.

Cup Volume: 45ml (+/- 5ml)

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