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2014 Dian Hong Aged Brick (100g)

2014 Dian Hong Aged Brick (100g)

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Aged black tea is a rare find. Most black teas out of China are made for export, and most Western tea drinkers don't tend to deliberately age their tea. They really should, though! 

Dian Hong is something of a catch-all term for Yunnan black tea. They tend to be sun-dried in a fashion similar to pu'er, leaving bacteria and moisture left in the tea leaves that enables a more dramatic change in flavor over time. Fresh Dian Hong tends to be the most bracing, malty black tea out of China, so aging really helps mellow it out. 

This tea is a perfect example of aged Dian Hong. It is still malty and could age further, but also displays notes of dark berries, leather, and wet wood. 

100 grams

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