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2013 Fuding Shou Mei Cake

2013 Fuding Shou Mei Cake

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Aged white tea is really a category all its own. White tea processing involves drying the tea leaves to such an extent that oxidation slows down substantially - but doesn't stop. Over several years, gradual oxidation in the dry tea leaves brings out more and more black tea characteristics. The result is a tea with the smooth, honeyed notes of white tea, with the body and warmth of black tea.

You also get lots of woodsy and spicy notes as well. Finally, aged white tea tends to be the most calming tea available. It certainly still has caffeine, but something changes over the years to really mellow out the energy. 

At 10 years old this tea is certainly ready to drink, and will provide a perfect aged white tea experience. It probably won't oxidize further, but will continue to develop new flavors over time. 

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