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Northeast Tea House

Yunnan Yellow Tea (Per Oz)

Yunnan Yellow Tea (Per Oz)

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Yellow tea is similar to green tea, but with a few added steps. After being dried, the leaves are wrapped in a moist cloth for a few days to encourage a very slight oxidation. This is similar to how white tea ages via slow oxidation, only instead of taking years, the process is over in a few days. A subtle fermentation happens during this stage, too - the same cannot be said of aged white tea. After the desired level of oxidation is achieved, the tea leaves are fried to kill off the oxidation enzymes (as is done with green teas, but not with whites). The result is a remarkable array of flavors that really make yellow tea a category of its own. In this one, we get notes of lychee, malt, marshmallow, and honey! 

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