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  • An esno of our Mill City Blend Matcha powder. The long tail indicates the fineness of the particles.
  • A close up of our Mill City Blend Matcha powder.
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Northeast Tea House

Mill City Blend - 20g tin

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Mill City Blend is our own blend of Asahi, Okumidori and Samidori cultivars to create a beautiful balance of umami, vegetal and spicy flavor notes.  It's worth noting that nearly all commercial matchas are blends of multiple cultivars, combined by "matcha masters" to produce just the desired flavor profile.


Northeast Tea House stone mills fresh matcha daily, on granite matcha mills imported from Japan, and sources tencha - the specially grown tea leaves that become matcha - through a friend who lives in Wazuka Japan and works directly with local growers. Fresh matcha is, without a doubt, the best matcha. 


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