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Gongfu Gift Box

Gongfu Gift Box

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Our favorite collection of thoughtful tea gift sets. All pre-packaged and ready for pick-up or for shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Lovely (Autumn Leaves)

White porcelain with autumn leaves.  Medium thickness for a pleasant sipping feel.  A good size gaiwan for one or two people. Durable and aesthetically pleasing considering the low price. A great option for getting started with gongfu on a budget. 

Beautiful (Fade to Blue)

Seafoam Green, crackled porcelain. The cracks in the finish will get more pronounced with use. Slightly larger gaiwan, can serve 3 people comfortably. Greater thickness provides more heat insulation. Sturdy design.

Extraordinary  (Cranes) 

Lovely sky blue with cranes motif, on Jingdezhen porcelain. Jingdezhen is considered the spot for the highest quality porcelain tea ware in China. 

Exquisite (Bamboo) 

Off-white gaiwan with delicate blue and gold bamboo motif. The lighter color allows for clearer appreciation of the color of the tea itself. Comfortably serves 1 – 2.

Spectacular (Oil Spot)

A traditional Song dynasty glaze that is experiencing a renaissance in China. It inspired the better-known Tenmoku finish in Japanese tea ware. This set is entirely hand made, and as such has a very pleasant heft as well as superb heat insulation. Each piece is a little different - some more bluish, some more silvery, some shiny black...true to the name of "oil spot." 

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