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Northeast Tea House

Furnace Transmutation Peacock Gongfu Set

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The Furnace Transmutation Peacock Tea Set is made of selected high-quality of ceramic clay from Dehua, Fujian, the capital of ceramics in China. Using the traditional manual high-temperature firing process, the high-temperature fired ceramic clay will become dense and compact, and the tea set will be firm and durable without leakage. It is fired with sand gold glaze at variable temperature, with gorgeous and exquisite patterns, smooth surface and excellent hand feeling. The tea set produces tea smoothly, without splashing or scattering, and it is clean and tidy to use. The tea pot is well sealed, moisture-proof and save fragrance. The built-in filter screen can effectively filter the tea residue, make the tea clearer, effectively improve the taste, and the bottle mouth is round without touching the mouth. The bottom is polished smoothly without damaging the tea table, which is beautiful and practical.