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Diancha (White Matcha) - 20g Tin

Diancha (White Matcha) - 20g Tin

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Made from 2018 High Mountain Gong Mei White tea and milled into a fine powder. Diancha is the ancestor of matcha. It is the form of tea that was popular during the Song Dynasty, in China, when the first Japanese monks were bringing tea plants back with them to Japan. 

It is an incredibly complex beverage, with woodsy, spicy, and herbaceous notes, with occasional floral ones in the mix as well. We get something new every time we drink it! It is certainly more rustic than matcha - it doesn't mill to as fine of a powder, which leaves some sediment at the bottom of the bowl, and it (obviously) doesn't look quite as pretty. However, we think it beats matcha in terms of the way it makes us feel: it consistently and rapidly boosts our mood whenever we drink it! Plus, we can't deny it feels really cool to drink a historical style of tea that hasn't been in circulation since the 11th century...

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